The Ordering Appointment

About 2 weeks after your session, it will be time for you to come to the studio for your viewing and ordering session. There are two ways to purchase digital files, prints, and/or products. You may purchase the digital files only A La Carte or you may choose to invest in our portrait collection. Our "Create Your Own Collection" allows you to customize a portrait collection according to your own needs. To Create Your Own Collection, simply follow the steps.

A. Wall Art-Begin at $200
B. Albums-begin at $800
Choose Your Signature Product
(one or more)
Step 1.
A. Small Files-begin at $400
B. Large Files-begin at $800
Choose Your Digital Files Step 2.
Optional items like
announcements, storyboards,
and boutique products can
be added on when you
"Create Your Own Collection"
(optional) Step 3.